Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Of Service

The foregoing constitutes the terms and conditions of service (“terms”) provided by momentumcr.org (“company” or “Company”) and its parent company, IG Consulting Inc (“parent” or “Parent”), in their entirety, effective June 14th, 2021. Questions, comments, or concerns regarding these terms can be relayed to the company via one of the means provided on the company’s “About Us” page.

Consent to terms: Use of the company’s web site and/or services constitutes express agreement to all terms as specified herein.

Warranties: The company makes no warranty, pledge, promise, or guarantee with regard to the use of its web site or other services. The company does not have control or influence over the manner in which third party agencies, such as credit reporting bureaus, will report, utilize, or otherwise evaluate information which the company’s customers consent to have released to those third parties.

Payment for services and refunds: Payment for subscription services is due and payable in advance on a month-to-month basis and is non-refundable.
Customers may schedule and use telephone support time beyond what is provided at no charge as part of their monthly service plan.

Cancellations: Customers may cancel at any time. The company will perform an email verification of the cancellation prior to the issuance of any credits or completing the cancellation.

Accurate disclosure: It is the sole responsibility of customers to ensure the informaiton they provide the company about their businesses is accurate to the best of their knowledge. Customers agree to hold the company blameless for any consequences arising from customer provision of inaccurate or incomplete information which might affect the manner in which that information is reported, utilized,or otherwise evaluated.

Authority: Use of the company’s web site and/or services constitutes acknowledgement that the customer is fully authorized to represent and act on behalf of the business entity or entities they furnish information on for reporting by the company.

Legal or professional advice: Neither the company nor its employees or prinicipals provides advice or services of a specific professional legal or financial nature. The company’s advisory services constitute opinion based upon either direct experience or verifiable sources of information. “Verifiable” as used here means the company has made every reasonable effort to ascertain the accuracy of the source from which the information relayed is being relayed. The company is not a registered financial services company, nor does it represent itself in any such capacity. Employees and principals of the company are not trained financial professionals, nor do they possess specific training or certification in the practic of law, accounting, or banking.

Indemnification: In making use of the company’s web site and/or services, customers acknowledge their specific duty and obligation to investigate and evaluate any advice or information received from the company, it principals, and employees prior to taking any actions consistent with such advice or information. Customers therefore indemnify and hold the company blameless for any and all direct or collateral consequences arising from the use of advice or information provided by the company, it principals, and employees.

Arbitration: The terms and conditions as set forth herein are governed by the laws and regulations of the State of Florida. Customers agree and consent that any disputes arising from use of the company’s site and/or services shall be resolved by binding arbitration, which shall take place in the State of Florida. Customers agree to forego formal legal proceedings in lieu of arbitration as set forth herein.

Revisions to terms: The company reserves the right to amend these terms at any time and without prior notice to its customers or guests. However, changes of a substantial or material nature will be communicated to customers via email promptly upon adoption or, when and where practicable, prior to implementation.

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